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One Hundred Years Ago

The Last Man Killed in the Great War His name was Henry Nicholas Gunther: he died at 10:59 am on November 11, 1918. The Second Last Man was a Canadian His name was George Lawrence Price: he died at 10:58 … Continue reading

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Twenty-Nine Years Ago, Today

Fall of the Berlin Wall   One comment: the Tide of History was overwhelming…

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US Constitution: Checks & Balances

Midterm Elections Most midterm elections are a referendum on the power and popularity of the President. Donald Trump knew this, so he made it all about him (as usual). He went all-out to support Republican Senate candidates and he ignored … Continue reading

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Hiawatha: Fact or Fiction?

The Song of Hiawatha This is how I first read about Hiawatha, through the Classics Illustrated comic book. Like Last of the Mohicans I presumed he was a literary character only. I was wrong. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when … Continue reading

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Hell Hath No Fury

Like a Scorpio Scorned Did you ever wonder why I became an Astrologer? Would you be surprised if I said it was because of a volatile relationship? In 1977, I was living with Mona. Mona and I had been together … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh: an astrological portrait

His Outburst was the Clue You may recall that I reviewed the chart for Dr. Ford’s testimony last Thursday. The impression I got was that the Moon/Uranus conjunction in opposition to the Ascendant/Venus link seemed to be the main reason … Continue reading

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USA: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

…or Dr. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh? I often wonder if the timing of events is accidental, or divinely inspired. Venus is almost exactly on the Ascendant. That conjunction is opposed by the Moon/Uranus conjunction. This is the most emotive combination … Continue reading

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