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Enigma: The Thoroughly Modern Myss

Caroline Myss I don’t do this very often. A friend from our Faith & Science group found an interesting post on the internet. It was an analysis of Caroline Myss using the Moon’s lunar periods to explain the timing of … Continue reading

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The Mars and Venus Conjunction

Catullus 85 I attempted to translate this poem while in high school. Not my greatest achievement, but I tried to get into the state of mind of Catullus to do it. It didn’t really work for me. Now, all these … Continue reading

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Is This Another UFO?

One year ago, I captured this clear sunset shot. Today, I looked at it more closely. Is that another UFO? At the time, I passed it off as a crescent moon. Now I’m not so sure. Data for picture: January … Continue reading

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Portrait: Artist as a Young Woman

Meet Akiane Kramarik As I was looking at YouTube videos yesterday, one was suggested for me. It was about Akiane and her painting called Dharma.   Even as I was watching it, I remembered that her painting, “Prince of Peace”, … Continue reading

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Caesar: The Die was Cast in 49 B.C.E.

Julius Caesar Crossing the Rubicon Honestly, you wouldn’t think such an insignificant stream could change the course of history, would you? Julius Caesar knew the significance of his actions, though. He knew that bringing his troops back home to Rome … Continue reading

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Today is a Brand New Day

As Seen on Facebook Today It seems that the heralded New Day has finally arrived. We’ve been waiting for it since December 21, 2012. The lead-up has been excruciating to watch. Civil unrest seemingly everywhere (Hong Kong, in particular, has … Continue reading

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Iran Gives U.S.’a Slap in the Face’

Is This an Act of War, or Just an Act of Revenge? Usually when one entity slaps another, the implied challenge is justification for a duel. Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, has ‘punished’ the United States of America … Continue reading

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