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Another Peek into the Future

But This One’s Personal There’s just a little more than six-and-a-half months to go before my predicted exit date. I thought to myself that perhaps I ought to look at what is going to happen on December 7th 2019. Here’s … Continue reading

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A Peek Into The Future

President Kamala Harris? Now, wouldn’t that be something? Although it seems like a long shot now, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next eighteen months. Or do we? In my daily requests to the Almighty, I included … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Spark to Light a Fire

The Camp Fire (November 2018) On the PBS program┬áNOVA last night, the so-called “Camp Fire” was reviewed from first spark to final results, a time space of 17 days. Even though this was exactly six months ago, it still made … Continue reading

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The Other “Royal” Baby

Gene Attell Fischer Because of the timing of his birth (slightly ahead of the 7th in line to the British throne), he will share some of the same aspects of the new Earl of Sussex. He could also be a … Continue reading

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The New 7th in Line to the British Throne

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor This young Earl is the first royal with mixed (American) blood in recent history. Here’s his chart, based on the rumoured birth in London, not Frogmore Cottage in the Windsor Castle grounds. So, only one inconjunct, but … Continue reading

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Airship Disaster: The Hindenburg on Fire

Led Zeppelin Album Cover Most of us alive today have only a passing interest in this disaster. Culturally, it is seared into our memories as the image on this Led Zeppelin album cover. But the accident which happened on this … Continue reading

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Astrological Portrait of an Artist

Leonardo da Vinci This is the man on whom everyone in the present has ‘blamed’ for a heretical concept from the distant past. It would be foolish to tackle this misunderstanding without understanding the man first. As usual, I will … Continue reading

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