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Is “Freedom” the New Slavery?

Rebellion and Revolution After reading 1984 yesterday, I realized that I neglected one of the Newspeak/doublethink phrases: Freedom is Slavery Then, today, I read the following from a Phineas Quimby article: The difference between rebellions and revolutions is this. Revolution … Continue reading

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Metaphor: Caterpillar, Cocoon and Butterfly

Rebirthing I’ve been re-reading Bob Frissell’s book for a couple of weeks now. I had forgotten that his spiritual work was centred on Rebirthing. My wife, Susan, is presently waiting for a monarch butterfly to complete his metamorphosis. The two … Continue reading

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Joan of Arc’s Birth (and Death) Re-examined

Jeanne d’Arc’s Birthplace in Domremy la Piscelle It’s been a bit of a journey: working backwards, I came to a fork in the road that happened when Jeanne d’Arc was burned at the stake. Two lines of reincarnation came into … Continue reading

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This Happened Five Days Before My Adoptive Father Died

Saturn Return II (July 18, 2009) The synchronicity is overwhelming ‘proof’ of how accurate astrology is. After writing previously about my first Saturn Return (nice rhyme), I decided to investigate when the second one occurred. I hadn’t expected this timing… … Continue reading

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Seeking to Know the Secrets of the Universe by…

Staring at the Setting Sun (September 20, 1978) It was a nonsense thing to do, but I had actually hoped to change the metabolism of my body in some way. (Also, I must have read it in a book, or … Continue reading

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I was sent a “Finality” Email with Instructions to:

Delete All Files Pertaining or Referring to Her If you are on my ‘following’ list, you will have seen a flurry of posts in the past week or so. If you try to find them now, you won’t be able … Continue reading

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