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1987: My Aid to Memory

Letts Horoscope Diary No, I do not have perfect memory. But I do have this little book to help me recall the timing of specific events. I must have known that 1987 would be a significant year. The Journey (Back … Continue reading

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Re-Writing History: Is It Fake News or…

A False Narrative? I have commented many times that history gets written by the victors. The losers crawl away from their battles and lick their (emotional) wounds, sometimes for centuries. We, individually, do the same thing. That situation you went … Continue reading

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Mount St. Helens: an Act of God?

Mount St. Helens Erupts (May 18, 1980 @ 7:32 am PDT) There are some memories that you never forget. This one happened 40 years ago. We were living in Vancouver, BC at the time. At about 7:30 that Sunday morning … Continue reading

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Touchstone Cool

Wayland’s Smithy – 11 October 1987 If you’ve been following my posts from the very beginning in 2014, you would have come across a poem I wrote in 1987 to commemorate a visit to this long barrow. Now I want … Continue reading

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Mister Rogers: Therapist?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Some films are targeted at children, most at adults; this one is aimed directly at the child in each of us.   Fred Rogers is a very nice man. Lloyd Vogul, a hurt man-child … Continue reading

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A Little Lost Glove on the Pavement

Putting Away Childhood Things As far as images go, this one of the lost glove seemed to touch a nerve with me this morning, when I came across it while walking one of our dogs. By itself, it has no … Continue reading

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Stranger (to myself)

  I moved away from Canada in nineteen-eighty-five: I wanted to see how the other half survived; The Brits were somewhat welcoming to me, There were so many places I wanted to be.   But I didn’t realize how much … Continue reading

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Vancouver Christmas Lights 1984

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108 Windsor Road, Torquay, UK

Twenty-five years ago, I bought this house in Torquay. The photograph above the fireplace was a shot through the entrance of Montsegur that I took one year before.

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Something to Pass the Time of Day

Time Passages Al Stewart followed up his smash hit Year of the Cat with this time traveling song. Here are the lyrics: It was late in December, the sky turned to snow All round the day was going down slow … Continue reading

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