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And Speaking of Star-Crossed Lovers:

The Allegory of Romeo and Juliet I often bandy the term allegory about when it comes to how to read the Bible. I may have come to this conclusion quite honestly, just ask my uncle Philo. But we are so … Continue reading

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Finally, I Understand Trump’s Appeal…

That Old Time Religion Admittedly, I’d been stumped as to why people would flock to an event where Donald Trump was giving a speech. To me, it seemed nonsensical. Everyone knows he exaggerates and lies, and yet they lap it … Continue reading

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In the Run-up to the American Midterm Elections:

A Gentle Reminder (usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln) Enough said?

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Every Day, It Feels Like We’re Getting Nearer the End

The Four Horsemen During our annual Good Friday get-together, I overheard several discussions among family members of how the cost of everything is skyrocketing. Three couples from one family unit are building homes in the French River area, south of … Continue reading

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Context: Is There a Magic Number for Groups?

The Rule of One Hundred and Fifty From “The Tipping Point”: Humans socialize in the largest groups of all primates because we are the only animals with brains large enough to handle the complexities of that social arrangement. [Robin] Dunbar … Continue reading

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When the Word was Made Manifest in Europe

The Gutenberg Bible (February 23, 1455) On this day in 1455… Most scholars agree that the Gutenberg Bible was published on this date in Mainz, Germany. My daily calendar Interesting chart, is it not? Those oppositions say so much. But … Continue reading

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Astrology: 1,440 Minutes in Every Day

Betty White Died on New Year’s Eve A week before December 31, 2021, I wrote about the potential for a war with Russia. I included an ‘event’ chart timed for 12 midnight of that day (based on Washington, D.C.) That … Continue reading

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The Difference between “Right” and “Almost Right”?

Discernment Nothing is ever ‘black and white’. Most of the time it’s a shade of gray. In today’s world, truth is often obscured by media spin, which ultimately intends to influence your ‘normal’ frames of reference. Last night’s “Dr. Phil” … Continue reading

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How a Liberal Thinker can Appear Conservative

Jordan Peterson (June 12, 1962) To be totally frank, I have only heard the name Jordan Peterson in passing. Last night, Susan’s grandson, Jacob, was explaining to me some of the ideas that this man has presented on YouTube. The … Continue reading

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Rev. Regent Roxy: Delivering a Message?

A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Act V (Page 30) (Curtain opens with one character on stage: ROXY. He is a short, fat man with a rodund face. He is wearing a light grey suit, with a black shirt. Near where … Continue reading

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