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Pseudonyms: Unmasking the Actors

Drama: An Actor’s Education John Lithgow’s journey is an interesting read. For the most part, it’s a smorgasbord of show business names, places and projects. It is also a treasure trove of mystery, at least for me. Whenever John has … Continue reading

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Searching the Abstract

I often joke with family and friends that I can find anyone or anything if I set my mind to do it. Here’s a case in point:     Noel Coward’s “Present Laughter” on Broadway 2017 I watched this programme … Continue reading

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A Prodigal Son?

Is Saroo Brierley’s story “Lion” a modern parable? The Storyline In 1986, Saroo, a five year old, lives with his elder brother Guddu, his mother and his younger sister in Khandwa, India. Guddu and Saroo steal coal from freight trains … Continue reading

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The Hidden Persuaders

Have you ever wondered how marketing companies come up with their advertising campaigns? As consumers, we are a mess of contradictions; Motivational Research sorted us out years ago. Meet Vance Packard The Hidden Persuaders   According to Wikipedia, Vance Packard … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

  Too Many Years I’d been waiting at the depot for the Sudbury bus To meet my real dad, years ago: He’d answered my letter to meet this one time And I felt there was so much to know. But … Continue reading

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