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Political Cartoons: March 2019

United States   Why I Quit… New American Civil War US Constitution: Checks and Balances Canada Optics: Is the Picture any Clearer? United Kingdom Was the Queen’s Hat a Hint? Brexit: Article 50

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The Political Meme: Irony or Sarcasm?

Justin and Ivanka While researching political memes, I found this gem of a photograph which shows a subtle reason why Justin Trudeau is in power, as Prime Minister of Canada. He is one of the very few politicians in the … Continue reading

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I know this seems a bit of a stretch, but I suspect that the idea of a God Account on Facebook in the hit TV show¬†God Friended Me may have been inspired by this Twitter account. Over the years, I’ve … Continue reading

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You Had Me At Hello’copter

  Isn’t It Romantic Well, actually, no. It’s not meant to be. It’s turning the rom-com concept on its head, and that makes it a lot more fun to watch. Rebel Wilson is taking the idea of a bump on … Continue reading

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The Singular Path in a Binary World

I Walk The Line In the first few moments of waking up today, I was bombarded with two different songs, each trying to express my thought for this day. Each of the songs was valid on its own, but none … Continue reading

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If I Had a Nickel…

For Every Time a Charity Sent Me a Nickel… I’d be rich.

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Was the Queen’s Hat a Hint?

Or a Misunderstood Gesture? In June of 2017, the Queen opened the UK Parliament with a speech about ‘a hard Brexit’ from the European Union. Her hat bore a striking resemblance to the EU flag, Everyone began speculating that she … Continue reading

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