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A Poem about Love from 1967

Love in the Rain Wind rustling through the trees, Water trickling down the eaves, Rain pattering on the roof: Their sounds are so aloof. . I feel you close to me, Though your eyes I cannot see; Your lips are … Continue reading

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Image as Metaphor: Framework for Change

Our gazebo looked like this last October when we took its awning off. Rather bare-bones, don’t you think? When it came time to put the awning back on this spring, we found that there were tears in the fabric. So, … Continue reading

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Happy (Chem) Trails to You?

Stonehenge This beautiful photograph was taken from a drone hovering above the heritage site. When I shared it on the Fountain International Facebook page, one person commented, writing “shame about the chemtrailed sky.” I hadn’t even noticed. As that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Pyramid Sales? This is weird. Researching the Fibonacci sequence, I came across this Fibonacci tree image and immediately thought of pyramid selling or Ponzi schemes. The difference, as my wife pointed out, is that the image would ordinarily be inverted. … Continue reading

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Seasons as Time Passages

Doctor Zhivago I’m almost finished reading this classic 20th Century novel. The overall impression I have is the use of the changing seasons to show the passage of time. The movie by David Lean more or less followed the same … Continue reading

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Footprints Somewhere in the middle of the snowstorm, Night fell and trapped me inside its darkness: Out in the cold, I walked, wishing for warm Wooly blankets, and wanting to feel less Foolish for being caught in the open. Oh, … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

Rainy Day   The sleepy sky has not yet wak’ed: The street is darkly melancholic; A drizzle paints a misty haze, And dampens any frolic. The silence of the gloomy street, By feet splashing a steady beat Is broken…   … Continue reading

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