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Is It Just a Handshake?

Or an Exchange of Energy? We know the drill: upon meeting another person, we’ve been instructed to extend our right hand and offer to shake the other person’s right hand, firmly but kindly. Have you ever wondered why? It took … Continue reading

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Scandal at St. Mike’s

St. Michael’s (Catholic) College, Toronto In some ways, it was a story waiting to happen: media outlets inform the police that an indecent video is being shared on the internet. The incident happened at a Catholic boy’s private high school. … Continue reading

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The American Dream: Is It Over?

A discussion in five images = 5,000 words…

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The Old Folks at Home?

Sitting on the Porch in Rocking Chairs The Carol Burnett Show used to feature a skit of a couple of seniors discussing their lives. The payoff was almost always the same: he’d make a gentle pass at her and she … Continue reading

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Passing of a Legendary Photographer

  Glenn Capers (1950 – 2017) I heard yesterday that Glenn had died on Monday of this week, in Colorado Springs. He was 67. I had the honour of erecting his birth chart, with his permission. Here it is:   … Continue reading

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  Time races away All traces that stay Of Youth and Truth; Climb replaces a pace That has no place For quests or rests; Rhyme without a base Becomes a race Of fools for jewels.   Pain kills all thoughts … Continue reading

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Modern Servitude

A Slave by Any Other Name…   I usually don’t write about social issues, at least. not directly. But a recent line of thinking has made me ponder: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Most people coming to … Continue reading

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