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Politics: Changing Tact to Catch the Winds of Change

ABC 20/20 Special I watched this hour long presentation last night. The interviewers tried hard to get a rise out of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but for the most part, the Democratic running mates were at their diplomatic best. … Continue reading

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Celebrity is so Ephemeral

We Prefer our Stars to be Dead It’s coming around to that time of the year when my inner 12-year-old boy mourns for the beautiful movie star who was murdered all those years ago in Hollywood. Last year, I set … Continue reading

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The Great Social Experiment of 2020

World-Wide Pandemic Responses You know that it’s serious when the world closes its doors and goes home. So, now we are afraid of our family, friends and neighbours. And, of course, people are dying out there. It feels like fear … Continue reading

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We Are: a Long, Long Way from Home

Tipperary, Ireland (June 2016) When you visit another country, you see things differently. I mean that term literally. My newly opened eyes saw how much poverty was there. I mean, if a former betting office is closed, what chance do … Continue reading

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