At This Point in Time (from

At This Point in Time: Charting the History of the Human Spirit by Christopher Miller

If an Astrology chart is created for any specific point in time, the event that takes place can be interpreted as if it were a person born on that day. This helps to reveal the elements and personalities that colour history.

By reviewing significant historical points in our history unknown information becomes available. Take a stroll through history and see what really happened.


This book started out as a series of guest appearances on David Lowe’s Sunday Late Show on BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall. This is how it came about: I had appeared on David’s programme for the first time on 31 May 1992, reading a poem called, “Last Words of an Unknown Soldier”

On the following Sunday morning, David rang, having awakened from his sleep thinking about my spot on the show. During the course of our conversation, he asked if it were possible to do an astrological chart for the D-Day Landing, as it was the 48th anniversary of that event the previous day. Having never erected a mundane chart before, I was sceptical of its value, but I promised him that I would check it out and let him know the results on our way to the BBC radio station in Exeter later in the evening. Well, I went to work on the chart, using London as the base, timing the invasion at 6:30 a.m. War Time (double British Summer Time, or WT, for short) on the 6th of June 1944, and before my very eyes the energies surrounding that event made themselves known.

It was not long before I started to get excited because I suddenly knew what had been the cosmic triggers and why it had turned out the way it did. I could not wait to tell David what I had discovered. David sensed by my enthusiasm that something special was about to be revealed on his programme, so we had a short discussion about the chart before we went on air, and then played it by ear when the show started. The rest, they say, is History.