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Go With The Flow

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Are We “Lost in Space”?

Just to demonstrate how my mind works: I fell asleep last night remembering the actors’ and actresses’ names from this TV show, starting with June Lockhart. Now, whatever does that mean? See my question, above…

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It Took 50 Years to Happen Again

Diahann Carroll as Julia (1968) Julia was a breakout television role for Diahann Carroll who was a model and movie actress in the 50’s and 60’s. The television show was also considered a breakthrough for having a female actress of … Continue reading

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Trump: “There was no ‘quid pro quo'”

Latin for: This for That President Trump believes he’s the Master of the Deal. Ask him, he’ll tell you himself. So it comes as no surprise that his telephone call with the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, would amount … Continue reading

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Initiation into Spiritual Behaviour

How To Know Higher Worlds The text for this book was written over 100 years ago. Then it was known as Knowledge of the Higher Words and Its Attainment. What Steiner discusses here is as applicable now as it was … Continue reading

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The Upside Down Kingdom

The Last Shall Be First and the First Last This saying of Jesus is repeated a few times in the Gospels, but do we really understand what he was saying? In Mark chapter 9, a dispute is going on among … Continue reading

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A Little Lost Glove on the Pavement

Putting Away Childhood Things As far as images go, this one of the lost glove seemed to touch a nerve with me this morning, when I came across it while walking one of our dogs. By itself, it has no … Continue reading

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A Climate for Change

United We Stand, Divided We Fall There’s going to be a Global Climate Strike! To us older generations, this is confusing. We thought we only protested war, racial injustice and political fraud. Oh, and the whaling industry. We mustn’t forget … Continue reading

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I Think, Therefore I Am…Free

Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path The original title of this book was a more accurate depiction of its content:┬áThe Philosophy of Freedom. This is a hard slog for the modern reader. In this day and age, we want our … Continue reading

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Trudeau and his Need to be Mr. Dressup

Cultural Misappropriation When I first did Justin Trudeau’s chart in 2017, I wasn’t concentrating on inconjuncts. Now I am. Let’s see what they can tell us. Sun Inconjunct Saturn You will always require structure in your life, and you will … Continue reading

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