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The Real Tadzio from “Death in Venice”

Wladyslaw Moes (November 17, 1900 – December 17, 1986) I’m not sure why I’ve gone here, but, as a writer, I’m aware of how real, live individuals can help create a character in a book or play. Thomas Mann (June … Continue reading

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A Young Man with So Much to Look Forward to

Henry VIII (June 28, 1491 – January 28, 1547) We are so used to seeing images of Henry as an inflated personality (and size) that we forget that he was once a young Prince, and a gentleman. He may have … Continue reading

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The Whole World’s Watching…

The Trial of the Chicago 7 Another chapter in the history books, this time highlighting injustice in an American courtroom. Let’s face it, it was a media circus, and the participants knew they were on trial for who they were, … Continue reading

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Never Knew David and I Have So Much in Common

Awakening In The Dream This book was launched on Tuesday. Here it is, only Thursday, and I’ve read 10% already. No doubt I’ll be writing more about it before I’m finished reading the rest. I’ve been ‘lucid dreaming’ since my … Continue reading

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A Climate for Change

United We Stand, Divided We Fall There’s going to be a Global Climate Strike! To us older generations, this is confusing. We thought we only protested war, racial injustice and political fraud. Oh, and the whaling industry. We mustn’t forget … Continue reading

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