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The Real Tadzio from “Death in Venice”

Wladyslaw Moes (November 17, 1900 – December 17, 1986) I’m not sure why I’ve gone here, but, as a writer, I’m aware of how real, live individuals can help create a character in a book or play. Thomas Mann (June … Continue reading

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To OCD or Not OCD, That is the Question

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I’m willing to bet that a lot of people think they suffer from this condition. The signs are obvious to others, but usually undetected by the person caught in the ‘circle from hell’. The whole world has … Continue reading

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She Reached In and Grabbed Right Hold of My Heart

Invisible Touch (1986) Well I’ve been waiting, waiting here so longBut thinking nothing, nothing could go wrong, ooh now I knowShe has a built in abilityTo take everything she seesAnd now it seems I’m falling, falling for her She seems … Continue reading

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Wuthering Heights: Shadow and Light

I watched the 2009 version of this Emily Brontë classic last night on PBS. Tom Hardy, who played Heathcliff, was at his most voluptuous in this TV mini-series. Compared with others who have played this role, he did not need … Continue reading

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