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The Death of John Dee’s Mother

Jane (Johanna) Dee Died on October 10, 1580 at Mortlake Now this is going to sound like something out of The Twilight Zone. As I pointed out previously, my mother (in this present lifetime) and myself have a very special … Continue reading

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List This as: “I Never Knew That…”

Bridgerton (2020) I can see why Shondaland would get involved in the production of this Netflix series: a good percentage of the actors are of a certain racial complexion. Does that sound racist? In my view this is Pride and … Continue reading

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John Dee’s 115th Dream

Diary Entry Dated September 10, 1579 My dream of being naked, and my skyn all overwrowght with work like some kinde of tuft mockado, with crosses blew and red; and on my left arme, abowt the arme, in a wreath, … Continue reading

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John Dee’s Cryptic Code

Diary Entry Dated December 9, 1579 Θις νιγτ μι υυιφ δρεμιδ θατ ονε καμ το ἑρ ανδ τουχεδ ἑρ, σαιινγ, “Μιστρες Δεε, yου αρ κονκειυεδ οφ χιλδ, ὑος ναμε μυστ βε Ζαχαριας; βε οφ γυδ χερε, ἑ σαλ δο υυελ … Continue reading

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John Dee’s Blazing Star

Comet Seen on October 10, 1580 over London In John Dee’s diary note of November 22nd of the same year, he notes: Nov. 22nd, the blasing star I cold see no more, though it were a cler night. The Diary … Continue reading

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John Dee’s Hieroglyph

Monas Hieroglyphica I don’t remember seeing this image before yesterday (at least not in this lifetime), but what struck me immediately is how rich in astrological lore it is. The ‘normal’ translation (as stated in Wikipedia) is: But even to … Continue reading

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Listening to the Sound of Silence

The Secret Book of Dzyan I started reading this little book about the ‘oldest manuscript in the world’ yesterday. What have I gleaned, so far? The Language of the Book of Dzyan Like all secret manuscripts stored in Shambhala, the … Continue reading

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When Death Comes Calling with a Nightmare

The Pale Horse (2020) It’s a potent image from the Book of Revelation: Death on a Pale Horse. It is the stuff of nightmares, one of which we’re living in at the moment. But I digress… The Pale Horse is … Continue reading

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Nature Painted the Pine Tree with Snow

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My Throwback Santa Sweatshirt

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