Listening to the Sound of Silence

The Secret Book of Dzyan

I started reading this little book about the ‘oldest manuscript in the world’ yesterday.

What have I gleaned, so far?

The Language of the Book of Dzyan

Like all secret manuscripts stored in Shambhala, the Book of Dzyan is written in the sacred language of Senzar. It is the “materialized form” of the Voice of the Silence in which everything speaks in the Universe, and which every enlightened human heart is capable of understanding.

At the basis of the Senzar language lies a symbolism closely associated with sound, colour, light, and number. Formerly, this language was available to all humanity, but now only the Masters and Their disciples speak it. The language of Senzar consists of many levels. Its highest manifestations are the closest to the Voice of the Silence, which include thought-forms, the breathing of fires, the geometric expression from combinations of rays, and so on — these are simply impossible to explain in any human tongue — whereas its lowest manifestations resemble traditional writing systems with their own specific rules. Thus, the Angelic language of John Dee, a mysterious advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, is one of the variants of the script in the Senzar language.

Dushkova, Zinovia. The Secret Book of Dzyan: Unveiling the Hidden Truth about the Oldest Manuscript in the World and Its Divine Authors (Sacred Wisdom 2) (p. 39). Radiant Books. Kindle Edition.

The Voice of the Silence. What an evocative phrase. And what about John Dee: is this another hint at a past life?

This chart is randomized. All the other charts I’ve seen online are set at the birth date of July 13, 1527 @ 4.02 PM. But isn’t July 13th an Old Style Julian date? My computer program added 10 days to bring it into line with the New Style Gregorian calendar.

The Yod pointing at Uranus and formed by Pluto in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Scorpio is significant, as it quantifies the secretive and mystic qualities of the man. And the Moon inconjunct Venus aspect compliments that nature. (Because John Dee’s birth time is not known, really, the Sun/Moon/Ascendant T-square may actually be in operation, which would imply that he was perhaps transgender. Just saying…) However, all this is speculative, as so much of his life was hidden and unspoken.

But the man has always fascinated me. Need I say more?

Just so we’re on the same page: Pluto has been transiting Dee’s natal Pluto these past few weeks. So, maybe that’s why he has come up now in my research. Who knows?

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