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What Kate Shared with Me 35 Years Ago:

Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation (1975) Aries North Node: Libra South Node Here the soul is learning the lessons of self-consciousness on the most elemental levels. Experiences in prior incarnations did not permit the Self to form as … Continue reading

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Irony: “Are You Ghosting Your Boyfriend?”

The In Between (2022) This film is “Ghost” for teenagers. On a whim, we watched it on Netflix last night. I’m glad we did. The survival of consciousness after death is a fact, but is only really provable to someone … Continue reading

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Make Yourself: At Home

Ikea Canada’s 2022 Slogan It’s a clever bit of advertising, this. Most of the time, we think the phrase means ‘settisville’ as Jed Clampett used to say, meaning ‘set yourself down and relax awhile’. Ikea’s meaning is different. Here’s another … Continue reading

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It Looks Like I’ve Been Writing My Next E-book

Yesterday in History I’ve even chosen the cover (see above). But instead of actually publishing another non-seller, I’m going to link the first nine chapters here, for reference sake. Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter … Continue reading

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Unbridled Light — the-well-spring.uk

26th March 2022 In between the forces of light is a sub-stratum which joins the infinite to matter. It pursues the ways of mass into form and is picked up by the human eye, but unrecognised by many. This is … Continue reading

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More Newspeak: Today’s Message…

Go With the Flow (From the New Age Lexicon by Peter Lemesurier) Perfectly sound concept co-opted by New Agers from the sailing fraternity, and based on what every traditional mariner knows — namely that there really is no point in … Continue reading

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And the Darkness Comprehended It Not

When There is Enough Light Shining In my dream (from early this morning), different Miller family members were assembled in a living room setting. There were several lamps scattered around the room. My ‘job’ was to turn the lamps on, … Continue reading

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Shaped by the Potter’s Wheel

Rupert Spira (March 13, 1960) This man looks familiar, although I’d never heard of him before yesterday. The title is inspired by his love of all things pottery. I suspect he’s approve of my use of the metaphor that we … Continue reading

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The Spirit Animal from My Inner Guide Meditation

Horse As you may recall, I took myself through the Inner Guide Meditation years ago. When I first came out of the cave into a garden, a Horse came to me to lead me to my true Inner Guide. Here … Continue reading

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Are Yaqui Naguals and Bon Ngagpas One and the Same?

Was it the combined Ng sound, or a spiritual intuition? I never know for sure what triggers my Cosmic leaps, but here’s another one: Tibertan Bon teachers were the progenitors of the Yaqui Naguals of Mexico… Urgyen Nam Chuk was … Continue reading

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