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Passport to Paradise: Return Trip or One-Way Ride?

At the Threshold of the New World (2nd Edition) I’m almost halfway through this book. It’s not a dull read, by any means, but it seems to go on and on, especially when describing the information she received from the … Continue reading

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He Just Dropped In

(To See What Condition My Condition Was In) Yesterday, I got ‘read’ for the first time in almost four years by a stranger that I’d just connected with on Facebook. He came recommended to me by way of my daughter. … Continue reading

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Fountain’s “Chakra” Meditation

This is an experiment. The original recording to cassette was made on August 4th, 1992 at the BBC Radio Devon studios in Exeter, UK. The words were written by Suzanne Thomas of Fountain International, and they were spoken by David … Continue reading

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Initiation: Kundalini Rising?

The Way of Initiation The caduceus, also known as the Staff of Hermes, is an ancient Greek symbol. We invariably see it as representing medicine but that is a mistake: The caduceus is often incorrectly used as a symbol of … Continue reading

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The Rational Way to Spiritual Healing

I’m Just Going Down to the Pub to Do a Few Miracles What a title, eh? Colin Bloy first published this book in 1990, and it was reprinted again in 1991. This version is newly minted, newly printed, thanks to … Continue reading

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Carlos Castaneda Quotes 2

Round Luminous Beings “Human beings are not objects; they have no solidity. They are round, luminous beings; they are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help them, to make their passage … Continue reading

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Seven: a Sacred Number

Hidden in Plain Sight What could be more clear? We have seven days of the week in our calendar. In the early forms of Astrology, we had seven personal planets (as an echo of the days of the week). Now … Continue reading

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Chakra Colours: Waves or Rays?

During a card reading yesterday, the reader found that she was in the midst of a colour wave: blue. When I said it was related to the Throat Chakra, she said that she didn’t see it that way. Her usual … Continue reading

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We’re in Prism

Prism Colours We’re in Prism Consider what the Rainbow’s arch can mean Of all the vows from ancient scripture read: Liaisons with God’s Spirit can be seen On top of orange clouds, when all the dead Return to golden streets … Continue reading

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