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The Day I Contemplated Suicide

Everyone faces this point in their life: there is no way forward; the outlook is bleak; thoughts are black; is there any way out? In a moment of weakness, death looks like the only option. The date was 10 December … Continue reading

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Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue

As preposterous as it sounds, Neale Donald Walsch sat down one day in 1992 and wrote out some questions that he wanted to ask God. To his surprise, he got some answers. Meet Neale Donald Walsch Neale Donald Walsch According … Continue reading

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Seth Speaks: the eternal validity of the soul

In 1970, Jane Roberts allowed a disincarnate being to dictate his book through her. This being was known as Seth. What Seth said in his book is as relevant today as it was in their day. Meet Jane Roberts Jane … Continue reading

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