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The Battle of Good and Evil I watched the first season of this CBC television program a while ago. I had not thought to comment on it, until now. It’s the usage of the term ‘pure’. This has come up … Continue reading

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Car as Metaphor

Vanishing Point (1971) Some movies don’t make sense, at least, not until many years later. Vanishing Point is one such film. You need to think of the car as a vehicle for the soul to understand its meaning. 1970 Dodge … Continue reading

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Poetry as Semi-Autobiography

Richard Cory There are many theories as to whom Richard Cory refers. Some have suggested that two individuals who lived in Gardiner, Maine (Robinson’s home town) may have been the models for the character: Sedgewick Plummer; and Frank Anne. Some … Continue reading

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He Just Wanted to Fly

One Last Joyride The SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) baggage handler who decided to take an empty Alaskan Airline Horizon Q400 turboprop aircraft for a test ride last Friday said he didn’t need much help flying it because he’d played a … Continue reading

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  Withdrawn, Very shy, Wondering why She had to leave; “She’s gone,” He must sigh, Breathing a cry With which to grieve.   Hidden, Vaguely heard, One single word Unwillingly said; Ridden, Guilty bird, It occurred To him, “Better dead.” … Continue reading

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Did Hitler Escape Death?

The Second Most Hated Man in 2000 Years We have an obsession with ‘bad’ people. They fascinate us. They make us think about evil in human terms. They spawn conspiracy theories about escaping justice and death. The most obvious example … Continue reading

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The Day I Contemplated Suicide

  Everyone faces this point in their life: there is no way forward; the outlook is bleak; thoughts are black; is there any way out? In a moment of weakness, death looks like the only option. The date was 10 … Continue reading

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