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The Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster

Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology (1987) Previously, I have highlighted a few books that have inspired me to write about Astrology. For example, Cosmos and Psyche made sense, for me, of the cycles that seem to run parallel … Continue reading

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Airship Disaster: The Hindenburg on Fire

Led Zeppelin Album Cover Most of us alive today have only a passing interest in this disaster. Culturally, it is seared into our memories as the image on this Led Zeppelin album cover. But the accident which happened on this … Continue reading

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Fukushima: Eight Years On

Nuclear Waste There’s a lot of talk these days about climate change and sea pollution, but we tend to forget that a lot of our present problems may have been triggered by this event, eight years ago. Nuclear power was … Continue reading

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School Bus Close Call II

The Boxed White Truck My nemesis on the road yesterday is quite nondescript. It just goes to show me that maybe white is the new black. I don’t know anything except that an astrological analysis of the near miss reveals … Continue reading

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We Didn’t Start the Fire: Or Did We?

Notre Dame de Paris It came as a bit of a shock for most everyone with news of a fire at Our Lady of Paris on Monday evening. Now it seems that the first alarm at 6:20 pm was considered … Continue reading

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Have You Had a Fender-Bender?

Designed for Maximum Damage When I was growing up, during the late 60’s and early 70’s, there was a scandal brewing about the way cars were designed. Although it seems preposterous now, the front bumper and the back bumperĀ of the … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, Limey

All We Wanted was a Coffee I got the bright idea yesterday to suggest going into town for a coffee at Williams today. Susan said, “Sure!” So we set out this morning, without a clue of what was to occur. … Continue reading

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