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My Girls

If ever there were two dogs that should get along with each other, but don’t, it’s these two: Cloe and BeBe. Cloe is 11 years old, and now completely blind, having lost her eyes to glaucoma. She is the Alpha … Continue reading

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Homophobia Strikes Again

The Voice – Season 11 Admittedly, this is the first season of The Voice that I’ve watched all the way through. But it is the first time that I’ve seen a talented singer on the show that I felt should … Continue reading

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Do you want to know a secret? We are all in this together, but due to cultural and biological programming, we believe that we stand alone against the World. If you step outside your genetically-determined ‘box’ you will see that … Continue reading

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The Wellspring: The Shell

11 December 1991 There is a tendency, in the human framework, of hiding in density. In some ways, you could liken the snail to the human condition, confident with its home on its back. Crawling on the ground, it can … Continue reading

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