The Wellspring: The Shell


11 December 1991

There is a tendency, in the human framework, of hiding in density. In some ways, you could liken the snail to the human condition, confident with its home on its back. Crawling on the ground, it can conceal itself within its shell if threatened or unsure. This analogy can be seen when you feel overwhelmed in the way you perceive your life, withdrawing into density, fears, doubts, blockages, anything that acts as a protective shell, anything that prevents you from being who you are.

You have all travelled so far, and achieved so much, but the human condition of doubt continues to beset you and creates a withdrawal and a fear of going forward. There is an apprehension of allowing that shell to go, being easier to withdraw and retreat into the shell than to feel vulnerable and exposed, open to any possible predator, afraid to show yourself.

In order to conquer these fears and transcend into your true spiritual being, there must come a time when you are prepared to dispense with that shell, as a place of retreat, and to be vulnerable and exposed. All the theories, all the prophesies, and all the understandings in the world do not dispel the illusion of doubt, all the while you hold onto it. You know it all in theory, but there is a resistance within your being to accept it as ‘all truth’.

Recognise the struggle there is, for humanity to rise above the conditioning of the human mind. In order to transcend and to ascend to your spirituality, once and for all, you will have to leave your protective shell and feel naked in the world. Nobody can make you do this. All the theorising in the world will not make you.

It is a voluntary surrender that will eventually enable you to make that final breakthrough. Only you can decide. Only you have the control of it. Only you can find that truth within yourselves.

The Wellspring: Channelling for the White Brotherhood by Fenella Rundell (Fountain UK) 1993


Fenella Rundell

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