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Strawberry Beatles Forever

Yesterday Imagine a world without Coca-Cola, Harry Potter, cigarettes and the Beatles. That’s the premise of this movie. But, if you were the only person who could remember their songs, wouldn’t you want to share them with the world? Post … Continue reading

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Marianne Williamson: Who Knew?

Now, here’s the thing: politics is a dirty business; the candidates are cutthroat, the policies have hidden agendas, and the promises are soon forgotten. So, when a spiritual teacher decides to throw her hat in the ring, running as a … Continue reading

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Scheering the Sheep

Speaking with Forked Tongues It might seem strange to suggest that soon-to-be-banned single use plastic forks at a Liberal meeting makes Trudeau a hypocrite. But that’s what the Conservatives are trying to do. In the first place, this isn’t an … Continue reading

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Does This Psychological Condition Exist?

The Seven Year Itch When this film came out in 1955, the drawing card was an image of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate with her dress blowing in the breeze. At the time, she was every man’s fantasy. … Continue reading

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Is Mysticism a Science?

Our Faith & Science group is having a discussion, via email, ahead of this week’s meeting. The nub of the discussion is around the use of the phrase “mysticism is a science”. One of the more vocal members of the … Continue reading

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When Barbra Met Barry

Guilty It was a matchup made in Heaven. These two giants of the music world made a hit album together. It was the staged Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper “Shallow” moment of the 80’s. See for yourself:   And if I had … Continue reading

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U.S. Drones on/about Iran

Yesterday, the United States of America went to the brink of war about the shooting down of its drone over Iran, but then pulled back. If the drone had really been in international airspace, the US would have had the … Continue reading

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