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Strawberry Beatles Forever

Yesterday Imagine a world without Coca-Cola, Harry Potter, cigarettes and the Beatles. That’s the premise of this movie. But, if you were the only person who could remember their songs, wouldn’t you want to share them with the world? Post … Continue reading

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Passing Driver: Are You a Boy or a Man?

My thought (smiling): Whatever keeps me young…

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Sunshade and Blue Sky

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National Camera Day Snapshots

Robin Mourning doves Starling

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Marianne Williamson: Who Knew?

Now, here’s the thing: politics is a dirty business; the candidates are cutthroat, the policies have hidden agendas, and the promises are soon forgotten. So, when a spiritual teacher decides to throw her hat in the ring, running as a … Continue reading

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Scheering the Sheep

Speaking with Forked Tongues It might seem strange to suggest that soon-to-be-banned single use plastic forks at a Liberal meeting makes Trudeau a hypocrite. But that’s what the Conservatives are trying to do. In the first place, this isn’t an … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Year Makes!

Murdock River lot, June 2019, after the floods Murdock River lot, August 2018

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