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The New Canadian Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition

Pierre Poilievre (June 3, 1979) Honestly, people, this man is just nine months older than my youngest child. (And my cousin, John, is concerned that Pierre Poilievre is being referred to as ‘Pee Pee’…) Why are political leaders allowed to … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

Liz Truss (July 26, 1975) Ha, that was funny. My WordPress post just aligned the above image of Liz Truss to the centre (when I prompted a change): this seems to be significant for the way the United Kingdom is … Continue reading

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Is This Man the UK’s Next Prime Minister?

Rishi Sunak (May 12, 1980) It may be too soon to tell, since the Tories will finally elect their next leader on September 9th but I like the odds of this happening. It feel a bit like Kamala Harris becoming … Continue reading

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Two Strikes and You’re Out?

Patrick Brown (May 26, 1978) Would you buy a used car from this man? Patrick Brown has been ejected from the federal Conservative Party’s leadership race for ‘irregularities’. Hmm. This happened once before when he was the leader of the … Continue reading

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On Your Way to the Top, Watch Out What You Do…

Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) Or they’ll get you on the way down This Netflix series is a slow burn that gets hotter and hotter as it progresses. (They say that it is even outscoring viewing numbers of Bridgerton 2, … Continue reading

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Government: By the People for the People?

Aristocracy vs Liberty Phineas Quimby was a very opinionated man. And having witnessed first-hand the American Civil War meant that he based his thinking on what he saw going on around him. Politically, he equated priests and doctors to the … Continue reading

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Ontario: Giving our Trillium a Makeover

New Look for an Old Symbol When Doug Ford became Premier of Ontario he promised to update the look of the province, mainly to get rid of outmoded Liberal influences. One of the most radical changes involved a new look … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Dump Highlights CPC Tricks

Julian Assange You wouldn’t think that Wikileaks would be interested in Canadian politics, would you? Well, that’s what I thought when I was trolling through some of the files from last week’s Wikileaks dump. But one title caught my eye: … Continue reading

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A Conservative Media Outlet

National Post I never noticed it before: there is a definite right-wing bias to the reporting from this media outlet. I never bought nor read anything from them, at least until the last general election, here in Canada. MSN is … Continue reading

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Scheer Hypocrisy, Again

Andrew Scheer Bites the Bullet When I originally wrote about the upcoming 12/12 Full Moon, earlier this month, I pictured, in my mind’s eye, Donald Trump quitting as President. Turns out, I was partially right (a Conservative leader resigned his … Continue reading

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