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And The Results Are (Not Quite) In…

The 2022 American Midterm Elections It’s a very nebulous business, predicting elections. Obviously, the pundits got it wrong, but Michael Moore didn’t. Also, Cash Peters looked at a lot of individual races, and although he never sees who wins or … Continue reading

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Delusional: Believing Your Own Election Hype

American Midterm Elections I don’t trust opinion polls. They have a way of focusing a bias into election platforms that may be misleading. As usual, history was made, yesterday: a long-standing trend of voting against the sitting President was somehow … Continue reading

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When a Lunar Eclipse Coincides with Politics

Beaver Full Moon (November 8, 2022) Tomorrow is a big day. But not just for American politics. This one is going to be ‘huge’ for me, too. This chart has a definite Cosmic Cross (aka Grand Cross) in its centre. … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder that the Midterm Elections are Built on:

A House of Cards It is only after the voters have had they collective voices heard will we know what they really think. Everything up until that point is political spin (in other words, not real). So, I will refrain … Continue reading

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Is This a Prophecy of Some Sort?

Night of the Living Dead I’m in the middle of my own personal nightmare (my COVID patch). Last night’s dream, therefore, doesn’t need to make sense, to make sense. It was a mashup of several things and, even now, I’m … Continue reading

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Who Benefits the Most During American Elections?

Mainstream Media It’s a thought that’s been in my head for a couple of weeks, now. And I’m not kidding you. Individuals running for public office have a common problem: how do they get the voters to vote for them … Continue reading

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The Reason We Mustn’t Ignore the Past

Lessons from History My last two posts here have gone over like a lead balloon (that’s where Led Zeppelin got their name). In pondering why, I have come to the conclusion that no one wants to read about events and … Continue reading

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In the Run-up to the American Midterm Elections:

A Gentle Reminder (usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln) Enough said?

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Cash Peters Saw Nasty Creatures When He Looked:

MAGAts or Dung Beetles? I was going to write: the worm has turned; but I realize that it hasn’t. Support of Trumpism seems to be rampant still. The English Channel YouTube video from yesterday is correct in its assessment that, … Continue reading

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All’s Fair in Love and War…

And Politics To my mind, politics has become a very messed up business, especially in the United States. Now, Canada and the United Kingdom are not immune to some silliness every so often, but the process by which the Prime … Continue reading

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