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The Right Fear Mail-In Votes Skew Outcomes to the Left

Main-In vs. In-Person Voting It’s a situation that is being exploited by one side over the other. (Or so each side thinks…) The panic seems to be the erroneous thought that only Republicans vote in person, on the day of … Continue reading

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How to Respect Someone’s Opinion:

Agree to Disagree We are in the middle of a provincial election here in Ontario, Canada. So, the knives are out, trying to carve up the electorate. And because the Americans are running their mid-term primaries at the same time, … Continue reading

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US Constitution: Checks & Balances

Midterm Elections Most midterm elections are a referendum on the power and popularity of the President. Donald Trump knew this, so he made it all about him (as usual). He went all-out to support Republican Senate candidates and he ignored … Continue reading

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