Delusional: Believing Your Own Election Hype

American Midterm Elections

I don’t trust opinion polls. They have a way of focusing a bias into election platforms that may be misleading. As usual, history was made, yesterday: a long-standing trend of voting against the sitting President was somehow understated. No, if you ask the right questions, you get the right answers.

Admittedly, the dust has not yet settled, so we do not really know the extent of the GOP debacle. Trusting that Trump’s endorsement is enough to get elected is a losing proposition. And, thinking that you can ignore a very important legal issue, abortion, was foolish, too. Young people got out and voted their preference, while elder voters wanted to make it about the economy. When polls underrepresent one side of the equation, the results are skewed. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

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1 Response to Delusional: Believing Your Own Election Hype

  1. davidllowe says:

    Quite! When was the last time any of us saw an important poll that proved to be in any way accurate? The problem is polls can, by their very nature, only connect with a tiny proportion of the population. When it comes to elections the pollsters rarely – if ever – tell us just how many people have been contacted. So that, in itself, questions the reliability and usefulness of polls, period!

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