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Here’s the Story That Never Was:

Canadian Boy Fills the Sky Over D.C. with Red and White Balloons It was a dream I had last night: it repeated itself over and over again until I knew I wouldn’t forget to write about it today. I researched … Continue reading

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Has There Ever Been a Dead Heat in a Presidential Election?

“Sleepy Joe” Biden versus “Trumpety” Trump Too close to call? Who says? The main stream media? (It looks like the perfect way to keep people glued to their televisions and internet devices: more advertising revenue.) If I’d been a betting … Continue reading

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A Month in Politics is a Long Time

We’re Back! Even a weekend is enough to change everything. A month ago, I suggested that Trump had accomplished what he set out to do: defeat Biden. But Trump didn’t reckon on Democrats from the South deciding that Joe Biden … Continue reading

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