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Background Noise: sounds used to sell?

Have you noticed, lately, how much music is being played while discussions are taking place on television? Is it just me, or does this bother you, too? The Voice The Voice (Australia) This year, while watching the American version of … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes

After all these years, I decided it was time to write my wife a poem. I hope you like it. For My Wife, Susan Come Christmas Day, the year’s events complete Her journey, from the previous time of joy. Remarkable … Continue reading

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Montsegur: the Cathars’ last stand?

When the Cathars were eliminated in 1244, the Catholic world breathed a sigh of relief. But were they really wiped out, or did they just retire to the spiritual realms in order to return again in the 20th Century? The … Continue reading

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John Lennon: Thirty-Five Years Later

When he was shot that fateful day in December 1980, Beatles’ fans everywhere felt that the life of their “Working Class Hero” had been cut short, in his prime, and his voice was silenced, forever. The Death of John Lennon … Continue reading

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