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What I Was Then, I Still Am

Apostate Right! So here’s the thing. This term has a negative connotation, and one which has increased over the last two thousand years. The One True Faith was exactly that: faith that one is backing the ‘right’ side. It was … Continue reading

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Was This Man a Fraudster or an Inspired Writer?

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (March 5, 1905 – 1979) There is a purpose to this post: I want to see if there are signs of conscious fraud in Szekely‘s birth chart. As his birth time is unknown, I have rectified his … Continue reading

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Leader of the English Reformation Burned as a Heretic

Thomas Cranmer (July 2, 1489 – March 21, 1556) This is the final one of the four men named Thomas who lived during Henry VIII’s reign, and had something to do with the creation of the Church of England. Thomas … Continue reading

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The Siege That Still Echoes Through Time

Montségur This siege is not so well-known, at least not as well-known as Masada. But to “heretics” everywhere in the West, this one was very important. It was the starting point of us. Whatever lives modern Gnostics have returned as, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time, Your Words Could Get You Burned at the Stake

Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600) I’ve written about one aspect of Giordano Bruno‘s life before: it was part of the opening chapter of my “Star of Bethlehem” manuscript. It concerned whether one should even cast the horoscope of Jesus of … Continue reading

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A Question of Evil

This article was prompted by a Richard Rohr Meditation that I got in my inbox this morning. In it, he discusses how systemic evil is in life. Evil only succeeds by disguising itself as good. Dom Hélder Câmara (1909-1999) was … Continue reading

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Order of the Rose Cross

Just when you thought it was safe to read about the past again, a new insight rears its beautiful head. Forbidden Faith In Chapter 7 (Rosicrucianism and the Great Lodges) of the above-noted book, I came across a quote which … Continue reading

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Montsegur: the Cathars’ last stand?

When the Cathars were eliminated in 1244, the Catholic world breathed a sigh of relief. But were they really wiped out, or did they just retire to the spiritual realms in order to return again in the 20th Century? The … Continue reading

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