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The Siege That Still Echoes Through Time

Montségur This siege is not so well-known, at least not as well-known as Masada. But to “heretics” everywhere in the West, this one was very important. It was the starting point of us. Whatever lives modern Gnostics have returned as, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time, Your Words Could Get You Burned at the Stake

Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600) I’ve written about one aspect of Giordano Bruno‘s life before: it was part of the opening chapter of my “Star of Bethlehem” manuscript. It concerned whether one should even cast the horoscope of Jesus of … Continue reading

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A Question of Evil

This article was prompted by a Richard Rohr Meditation that I got in my inbox this morning. In it, he discusses how systemic evil is in life. Evil only succeeds by disguising itself as good. Dom Hélder Câmara (1909-1999) was … Continue reading

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Order of the Rose Cross

Just when you thought it was safe to read about the past again, a new insight rears its beautiful head. Forbidden Faith In Chapter 7 (Rosicrucianism and the Great Lodges) of the above-noted book, I came across a quote which … Continue reading

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Montsegur: the Cathars’ last stand?

When the Cathars were eliminated in 1244, the Catholic world breathed a sigh of relief. But were they really wiped out, or did they just retire to the spiritual realms in order to return again in the 20th Century? The … Continue reading

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