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Cathar Site? The Cave of Bethlehem

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The Siege That Still Echoes Through Time

Monts├ęgur This siege is not so well-known, at least not as well-known as Masada. But to “heretics” everywhere in the West, this one was very important. It was the starting point of us. Whatever lives modern Gnostics have returned as, … Continue reading

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Having a “Bash At” Decoding a Mystery

The Atbash Cypher It is probably the oldest and yet simplest of codes: a simple letter substitution, following the instruction, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” (Matthew 20:16) The reason for looking at this ancient … Continue reading

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Nazis Over Montsegur?

Raiders of the Lost Grail This one is going to seem a little far-fetched. But it is not outside the realms of possibility. While researching Montsegur stories yesterday, I came across this one about Otto Rahn, who had been assigned … Continue reading

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The Fall of Montsegur Castle

View from the Steep Side I’ve written about this historical ‘event’ many times. Here is the main post. But I’d never thought to do the chart, until now.   The Kepler 7.0 program has added 7 days to the original … Continue reading

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The Da Vinci Code

The Movie Ron Howard’s depiction of Dan Brown’s book was an eye-opener for the viewing public, in much the same way the book was for readers. The idea that there might be a Sang Real (royal bloodline) from the union … Continue reading

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Cathartic: Purified by Fire?

Cathars They never called themselves Cathars: they were Good Men (and women). They had lived their normal lives, raising children and being human, and then they chose a higher calling in their later years. The name Cathar probably came from … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Flare

A symbol for Earth.   A symbol of Earth.

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Colin Bloy

International Man of History I had the impression last night, after I thought what I might write today, that Colin likes my allusion to Austen Powers: International Man of Mystery, as he had a real life role as a spiritual … Continue reading

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Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

The Murder of Mary Magdalene When Dan Green posted an ‘invitation’ to his internet page on one of my posts, I decided to take him up on his claim that it would give more evidence for the fact that Jesus … Continue reading

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