Jupiter and Saturn Have Been Close Before In Aquarius

March 13, 1226

And what happened eight hundred years ago when the grand conjunction last mutated from earth into air? A conjunction in 1206 in Taurus was followed by one in 1226 in Aquarius, and the shift was accompanied by a rapid growth in trade and an expansion of urban life. The Hanseatic League was formed, and at the first opposition in 1215 the Magna Carta was signed. At this time the building of the great cathedrals started, which brought people together and favoured community life with the guilds being formed. The Templars were active creating institutions for the poor and elderly, and founding schools and hospitals. They believed in social equality, and the rights of women were observed in their communities. Also the first universities were being founded at this time in Paris, Oxford and Cambridge, and learning was being furthered in the monasteries throughout Europe – all of which demonstrates an emphasis on air values rather than on earthy materialism.


Very interesting detail: Chiron was also conjunct with Jupiter and Saturn @ 3 degrees Aquarius. The ‘wounded healer’ energy may have a Cathar imprint, as this was when the Crusade to convert them back to Roman Catholicism took place.

This is very important for the future of mankind. The ultimate healing takes place on December 21st, this year. Join in, if you feel the connection, too.

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