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The Bully vs. the Boxer

On the Eve of Canada’s Response to US Tariffs Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get along and others don’t? Allies are supposed to stick together through thick and thin, but sometimes they don’t. Here’s why: Trump … Continue reading

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Cathartic: Purified by Fire?

Cathars They never called themselves Cathars: they were Good Men (and women). They had lived their normal lives, raising children and being human, and then they chose a higher calling in their later years. The name Cathar probably came from … Continue reading

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Justice: Does It Exist Anymore?

Lady Justice without a blindfold I was reading a novel this week which raised some very serious questions about the legal system in Canada. The premise of the story was that some senior members of the judicial system in Ontario … Continue reading

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My Mother (Redux)

I travelled to Montreal last week to view a collection of “Billy” Stewart memorabilia in the Concordia University Vanier Library. One of the files was labelled “E.V. Stewart Photographs [1940s]”. My hope was that there might be a photo of … Continue reading

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Canada’s Infrastructure: ^ Construction

  Last Wednesday, we set out from our home in Ontario and travelled all the way to Fredericton, New Brunswick to attend the funeral of Susan’s Aunt Freda. I knew there were roadworks on Highway 400, and probably that there … Continue reading

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Canadian Wilderness


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Two Mesmerizing Videos


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