Canada’s Infrastructure: ^ Construction



Last Wednesday, we set out from our home in Ontario and travelled all the way to Fredericton, New Brunswick to attend the funeral of Susan’s Aunt Freda.

I knew there were roadworks on Highway 400, and probably that there would also be some on Highway 401 East. What I wasn’t expecting was how much there would be on Route 20 Est through Quebec, and Highway 2 through New Brunswick. It seemed as if you couldn’t go more than 10-20 kilometers without having to slow down for safety reasons.

As I noted previously, most Canadians don’t think speed limits have anything to do with them. For them, slowing down 20 kph means going the regular speed limit of 100 kph through the construction work. (And in New Brunswick, the maximum is actually 110 kph.)

As you can imagine there were a small number of traffic accidents, but overall an interesting drive down East.

And because we drove back over the weekend, all construction workers were off the job, so no one paid any mind to the signs, unless two lanes were still narrowed to one lane.

Even the 407 ETR had pockets of roadworks. And we just missed a car spinning wildly out of control when it water-planed during a heavy downpour through the outskirts of Toronto.

We had a guardian angel, yet again, keeping us safe: a series of different Jeeps followed us from the Quebec boarder to home. Susan’s father used to drive Jeeps in the Canadian Armed Forces…


Sky Weave photo courtesy of Susan Miller


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