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Canada: A House Divided (cannot stand)*

  Wet’suwet’en territory pipeline protests are being being supported by other indigenous groups across Canada. A fire has been lit in the nation’s soul. An attempt to bring together the hereditary chiefs and government officials was met with miscommunication. They … Continue reading

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Canada: Indigenous Protests Bring Chaos

Battle Lines are Drawn Canada as a nation has been brought to a standstill by some protests across the country. The original grievance of the Indigenous people in British Columbia was the proposed pathway of a pipeline through their territory. … Continue reading

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Two Flags: Where I Live

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A Conservative Media Outlet

National Post I never noticed it before: there is a definite right-wing bias to the reporting from this media outlet. I never bought nor read anything from them, at least until the last general election, here in Canada. MSN is … Continue reading

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Who Missed Fatal Flight 752?

A Canadian Tragedy It’s still early days. Anything I write will be pure speculation, and a matter of personal opinion. But a couple of points stood out for me during the press coverage yesterday. There seems to be a discrepancy … Continue reading

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Scheer Hypocrisy, Again

Andrew Scheer Bites the Bullet When I originally wrote about the upcoming 12/12 Full Moon, earlier this month, I pictured, in my mind’s eye, Donald Trump quitting as President. Turns out, I was partially right (a Conservative leader resigned his … Continue reading

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Pot, Kettle, Black

“He’s Two-Faced” You know that old adage about finger-pointing? One’s pointing at him, three are pointing back at yourself. Yesterday, Donald Trump called out Justin Trudeau on Canada’s contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Trudeau, being Trudeau, spun the … Continue reading

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