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The American Dream: Is It Over?

A discussion in five images = 5,000 words…

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Reefer Madness in Canada

Marijuana Now Legal in Canada They should probably change the national anthem now: O Cannabis, our bright and shining weed… Yesterday, pot went on sale┬álegally for recreational use for the very first time. Justine Trudeau fulfilled an election promise made … Continue reading

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On Location with “Anne with an E”

Green Gables (but not as we remember it) These days, if you want to portray a part of Canada in the 1890’s, you need to film in Ontario. It turns out that some of the country in and around Millbrook, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Canada

The Second Monday of October Canadian Thanksgiving is a harvest festival. By the beginning of October, most of the summer crops have been gathered up and put by for the winter. The weather turns colder and everyone anticipates the coming … Continue reading

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Michael Moore’s Prediction

  Canadian Bacon (1995) Thousands of former employees are outraged with military businessman R.J. Hacker (G. D. Spradlin), who had closed down his weapons manufacturing plant, Hacker Dynamics. At a conference held at the former plant, he pins the blame … Continue reading

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Sheer Hypocrisy: Racism

Trying to Score Political Points A recent spat of words has demonstrated that, when it comes to politics, nothing is sacred. Andrew Scheer has called out Justin Trudeau for calling a female protester at one of his speeches a ‘racist‘. … Continue reading

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In Canada, We Agree to Disagree

We Like to be Different Because Canada and the United States have the longest unprotected border (stretching 4,000 miles from sea-to-shining-sea), Canadians feel they must protect their ‘identity’ by providing an alternative to the American way of life. We feel … Continue reading

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