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Christian Ethics: Could You Do This?

Jesus and the Rich Young Man This parable is the stumbling-block for most Christians. Here is a synopsis of the story from Wikipedia: In Matthew and Mark, the discussion is set within the period when Jesus ministered in Perea, east … Continue reading

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Metaphor: Life is a Tapestry

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Have I Lived Before? Will I Live Again?

Reincarnation: The Wheel of Life. It’s a thorny issue for most folk. “If I lived before, how come I can’t remember?” (Cue: “The Twilight Zone” opening sequence.) “Imagine if you will living in a world where everyone remembers exactly who … Continue reading

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Humility versus Humiliation

We, from Friday’s Faith and Science group, are in the first hallway of Caroline Myss’ Entering the Castle. Yesterday’s discussion was focused on humility, and invariably we began to relate times when we were humiliated by someone else. It’s a … Continue reading

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Ever Feel Like You’ve Been Here Before?

Groundhog Day (1993) Today, February 2nd, 2020, is Groundhog Day. It’s the same every year: if the groundhog sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter; if it doesn’t, it’ll be an early spring. No-one seems to get … Continue reading

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Leonardo da Vinci and the Vitruvian Man

Universal Genius Following on from yesterday’s article about the Golden Ratio, I wish to focus on Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, today. At the bottom of the original drawing on paper, Leonardo wrote some notes (backwards, mirror-style). Here’s a translation as quoted … Continue reading

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