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Christian Ethics: Could You Do This?

Jesus and the Rich Young Man This parable is the stumbling-block for most Christians. Here is a synopsis of the story from Wikipedia: In Matthew and Mark, the discussion is set within the period when Jesus ministered in Perea, east … Continue reading

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When the Light of Knowledge is Seen Again…

The Search for Meaning There is a passage from “Ego and Archetype” which is a Jewish legend. I will quote that legend here. Prior to the birth of a child, God calls the seed of the future human being before … Continue reading

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God’s Fool

(Adapted from, and with apologies to, Kahlil Gibran) God’s Fool Once upon a time, a dreamer came from His desert home to see the big city. Ignorant of the city ways and tongue, He misunderstood hospitality As banquets, bestowed by … Continue reading

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Seeking the Hidden Treasure in One’s Self

I had another dream last night. It involved the discovery of an error in calculation. Specifically, the over-estimation of a value or quantity in my inventory of assets. Still too oblique? It doesn’t matter, really, because the important point was … Continue reading

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Was Jesus an Alchemist?

  You are the salt of the earth Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and … Continue reading

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You’re Talking My Language

Text of an undated talk given by my father, James Ewart Miller The Tower of Babel Remember the story of the tower of Babel where men tried to build a tower that would reach to heaven? Those ancient people were … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Richard Bach

  When I began to do research for this piece, I quickly realized that Jonathan Livingston Seagull had been reviewed to death. My fallback position (Plan B) was to discuss some of Richard Bach’s sayings. Even that has been overdone. … Continue reading

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