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Astrology: Whose “Fault”? Whose Fingerprints?

Trump as a Wannabe Napoleon I don’t make these things up: astrology is very much like forensic psychology. If you look for the links, they are there to be seen. The French Revolution may be subtly beneath the surface of … Continue reading

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Heaven and…Hell-o!

Hello from Heaven! (1995) Have you ever had a spontaneous encounter with the other side? They’re being called after-death communications (ADC) in order to differentiate them from near death experiences (NDE) and medium messages. They are not because someone is … Continue reading

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You’re Talking My Language

Text of an undated talk given by my father, James Ewart Miller The Tower of Babel Remember the story of the tower of Babel where men tried to build a tower that would reach to heaven? Those ancient people were … Continue reading

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