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Is This What Happens When We Die?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) In a discussion, today, the topic turned to what happens when a person dies of a heart attack, just before his car crashes into a barrier on Hwy 400. His consciousness would go on, … Continue reading

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It Only Took a Week…

Kaiya Says “Hi!” At exactly 3:22 am this morning, I heard Kaiya’s distinctive call. Susan said later that she’d been thinking of her sweet bird for most of the night, but did not hear her say, “Kai”. And for those … Continue reading

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Like a Moth to the Flame

The Refiner’s Fire It has taken me a long time to return to an insight I glimpsed in 1992. Each soul is attracted to, and ultimately, absorbed by the Spiritual Light. It might take a very long time (in human … Continue reading

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Irony: “Are You Ghosting Your Boyfriend?”

The In Between (2022) This film is “Ghost” for teenagers. On a whim, we watched it on Netflix last night. I’m glad we did. The survival of consciousness after death is a fact, but is only really provable to someone … Continue reading

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Earthbound: 303 Prospect Place, Apartment 4D

Ghost (1990) We watched this film last night. It seemed appropriate, somehow, after writing about Crossing Over with John Edward. The misadventures of Sam, Molly and Oda Mae were a revelation to us 40-somethings when it came out. Love really … Continue reading

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Crossing Over with…

John Edward (October 19, 1969) I’ve been a fan of John Edward from 2000 (and, yes, we got to watch this TV program in England). The delivery is rapid-fire, with seemingly impossible hits, and some delayed misses, and plenty of … Continue reading

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Life After Death with…

Tyler Henry (January 13, 1996) Have you ever wanted to be read by a medium clairvoyant? It’s not as hard as you think: just sign up here, and Tyler Henry will (eventually) come to your place (of choosing) and read … Continue reading

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‘Cause He’s the Cashman…

Cash Peters (June 6, 1956) He styles himself ‘the English Channel’. That’s an interesting body of water. He has a couple of YouTube channels, one of which I’ve shown on previous posts, Soul Crossings with Cash Peters. It’s a unique … Continue reading

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What If All You Believe is Actually Wrong?

Osama bin Laden (March 10, 1957 – May 2, 2011) I don’t normally feature the life and death of a terrorist leader on these posts, but today I’m making an exception. What I’m hoping to do is show how fanaticism … Continue reading

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Three Months: Right on Schedule

Cloe Shows Up in Susan’s Dream Tuesday Morning Incredible as it seems, Cloe has finally visited Susan in a lucid dream. Her fur was whiter, and she had both eyes again. Cloe spoke directly to Susan’s mind and said, “I’m … Continue reading

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