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Just Killing Time

  The world seems busy, rushing madly, Trying to succeed in killing time By beating it to the knockout punch, Or forcing it to stand still, tranquil. . But all attempts turn out so badly, That any form of caring … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Focus on Your Life?

If you’re anything like me, you will wake up in the middle of the night, and just lay there, thinking about yesterday and pondering what tomorrow will bring. And in the middle of your musings, do you get the feeling … Continue reading

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It’s About Time…

The Fourth Dimension: Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Mathematics This is the final book lent to me by my son, Derek. The other three I have already reviewed. This one seems the most difficult to comprehend, and yet, once you grasp … Continue reading

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Having You Been Listening?

Self-kNOWledge If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been ‘saying’ for such a long time now, you will have grasped a very subtle point that I’ve been trying to make. There really is no ‘past’ and there is no … Continue reading

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The Dream is Real

Inception (2010) Christopher Nolan is a special kind of filmmaker. As we saw in yesterday’s review, he isn’t afraid to tackle subject matter beyond this world. Outer space has long fascinated humans, but inner space is also unknown, and that’s … Continue reading

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“What Happens Now?”

Interstellar (2014) I knew when I first saw this movie that I would return to it some day: today is that day. As always, movies are open to individualized interpretation. This one is no different:   The US Space Force … Continue reading

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Fall Back in Time

We Time Travel Twice a Year Have you ever thought about it that way? In spring, we get to jump forward in time (albeit only an hour), and in autumn, we get to relive one hour of our lives. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Synchronicity in Action

Timing is Everything Let’s set the scene, shall we? My wife and I are seniors in our late 60’s. We have a limited budget as we depend on pensions. We do not have a great deal of disposable income. (But, … Continue reading

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Time: Now and Again

Now At the junction between yesterday and tomorrow is an ever-present moment: NOW. We tend to ignore this fact, spending most of our time regretting the events of the past and hoping for a better future. But where is it … Continue reading

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Time: a Paradox

What Time Is It? It’s one of the most overused questions in the world, but we don’t seem to grasp the true meaning of ‘it’. If you can remember that far back, your experience of time as a child alternated … Continue reading

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