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So The Question Is: Did It Really Happen?

Proof of Heaven Eben Alexander’s story of his Near Death Experience has puzzled journalists and scientists everĀ  since he shared it with the world. Fortunately, he gave us a way to check it out astrologically. “At 4:30 a.m. on Nov. … Continue reading

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Dying With Dignity?

Euthenasia. As sometimes occurs to me when I’m contemplating a subject for posting, I mull the word over and over again in my mind. Then I say it aloud: Euthenasia/Youth in Asia. (Strange juxtaposition, isn’t it?) This is a very … Continue reading

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The King has Died; Long Live The King

Elvis Presley Dies at 42 Yesterday’s post covered Elvis Presley’s birth chart. Today, we are going to look at his death chart.   I am aware that the ‘official’ time of death was listed as 2:50 pm on August 16, … Continue reading

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Portrait: Artist as a Young Woman

Meet Akiane Kramarik As I was looking at YouTube videos yesterday, one was suggested for me. It was about Akiane and her painting called Dharma.   Even as I was watching it, I remembered that her painting, “Prince of Peace”, … Continue reading

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Transmigration of the Soul?

Or Wishful Thinking? We live in a world of infinite possibility. Remember that. The idea that the soul has free will is also promised. But what happens if your intended body gets aborted before you even get there? What would … Continue reading

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In Potter’s Fields

The Unknown Dead As usual, I heard a phrase last night during a repeat episode of Heartbeat from 2001 (airing on TVO) that made me go, ‘Huh?!’ The MoD (Ministry of Defence) were concerned because a couple were searching through … Continue reading

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A Little Lost Glove on the Pavement

Putting Away Childhood Things As far as images go, this one of the lost glove seemed to touch a nerve with me this morning, when I came across it while walking one of our dogs. By itself, it has no … Continue reading

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A Candle, Extinguished

Marilyn Monroe Found Dead at Age 36 It’s the headline that kicked off a firestorm. From the very first day, the pills were blamed. Ordinarily, speculation like this would need at least a hint from the LAPD. So it seems … Continue reading

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Another Peek into the Future

But This One’s Personal There’s just a little more than six-and-a-half months to go before my predicted exit date. I thought to myself that perhaps I ought to look at what is going to happen on December 7th 2019. Here’s … Continue reading

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First the Plague, Then a Fire (1665-1666)

The Great Plague of London 1665 The rats came to England from Europe on Dutch ships and their fleas brought the bubonic plague with them. This wasn’t the first time that the Black Death had killed people in Europe and … Continue reading

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