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Inspiration #12

In the graveyard of Glendalough, The stone markers record their history; But the sunshine streaming through Shows that the dead still live on.

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My Great Aunt’s Diaries: 1949-1952

A Look at Life in Toronto Out of the blue, my second cousin, Norah, sent me transcripts of some diaries that her grandmother had written. I suspect she thought I’d be interested in the passages that featured my biological father, … Continue reading

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Carlos Castaneda Quotes 3

Death “It doesn’t matter how one was brought up. What determines the way one does anything is personal power. A man is only the sum of his personal power, and that sum determines how he lives and how he dies.” … Continue reading

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Car as Metaphor

Vanishing Point (1971) Some movies don’t make sense, at least, not until many years later. Vanishing Point is one such film. You need to think of the car as a vehicle for the soul to understand its meaning. 1970 Dodge … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

ABC News did a program called “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” this week. It introduced the idea that the Pepsi accident may have started Michael down a deadly path of needing painkillers. I’ve rectified his birth chart to show … Continue reading

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Adventures in Youth: 3

  Between a Rock and a Hard Place I wasn’t sure if I could find an image that could conjure up my memory from the age of twelve. This one is from England, while my adventure took place in Muskoka, … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

  Marley and Me We watched this movie again last night. It breaks one’s heart to see a dog put down. But the alternative is so much worse: watching your friend suffer. The makers of this movie made it a … Continue reading

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