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Bye Bye, Limey

All We Wanted was a Coffee I got the bright idea yesterday to suggest going into town for a coffee at Williams today. Susan said, “Sure!” So we set out this morning, without a clue of what was to occur. … Continue reading

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The Prequel Refines the Character

Endeavour Morse John Thaw played the beloved character Inspector Morse for more years than I care to remember. Then Colin Dexter, the author, decided to kill him off in his final book, The Remorseful Day. The television show followed suit. Now ITV … Continue reading

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The Machine Stops…

Written in 1909 I want this fact to sink in: 109 years ago, E.M. Forster sat down to write a science fiction short story. In it he envisioned a world of people living underground after ‘something’ makes living above ground … Continue reading

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He Came in Through the Kitchen Window

In 1983, I experienced what it feels like to be violated. It had been a hot summer’s day, quite sweltering for North Vancouver. We went to bed, and I left the kitchen window slightly ajar, to let the cooler night … Continue reading

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My Beatles’ Record Collection

The Butcher Cover The ‘holy grail’ of Beatles’ collections, this album is a much sought after item. Grotesque, to be sure, it also demonstrated the Beatles’ collective sense of humour. They were protesting in a very visible way that Capitol … Continue reading

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Life Could Be A Dream

Reverie There’s a new show on television, one that I had been avoiding for some reason. It stars Sarah Shahi, of Person of Interest fame. And it is a very slick but entertaining programme. The concept isn’t new: a computer-generated … Continue reading

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Was Hillary Right?

“You’re a Puppet” During the third Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016, their words became focused on the matter of one (or the other) being a ‘puppet’. After watching the video again last night and I … Continue reading

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