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Bye Bye, Limey

All We Wanted was a Coffee I got the bright idea yesterday to suggest going into town for a coffee at Williams today. Susan said, “Sure!” So we set out this morning, without a clue of what was to occur. … Continue reading

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The Prequel Refines the Character

Endeavour Morse John Thaw played the beloved character Inspector Morse for more years than I care to remember. Then Colin Dexter, the author, decided to kill him off in his final book,┬áThe Remorseful Day.┬áThe television show followed suit. Now ITV … Continue reading

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The Machine Stops…

Written in 1909 I want this fact to sink in: 109 years ago, E.M. Forster sat down to write a science fiction short story. In it he envisioned a world of people living underground after ‘something’ makes living above ground … Continue reading

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He Came in Through the Kitchen Window

In 1983, I experienced what it feels like to be violated. It had been a hot summer’s day, quite sweltering for North Vancouver. We went to bed, and I left the kitchen window slightly ajar, to let the cooler night … Continue reading

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My Beatles’ Record Collection

The Butcher Cover The ‘holy grail’ of Beatles’ collections, this album is a much sought after item. Grotesque, to be sure, it also demonstrated the Beatles’ collective sense of humour. They were protesting in a very visible way that Capitol … Continue reading

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Life Could Be A Dream

Reverie There’s a new show on television, one that I had been avoiding for some reason. It stars Sarah Shahi, of Person of Interest fame. And it is a very slick but entertaining programme. The concept isn’t new: a computer-generated … Continue reading

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Was Hillary Right?

“You’re a Puppet” During the third Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016, their words became focused on the matter of one (or the other) being a ‘puppet’. After watching the video again last night and I … Continue reading

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Have you ever looked, really looked, at the mathematical symbol for ‘divide‘? Taken from above, it appears to be of the heads of two people with an obstacle between them. Wow! I was recently witness to an exchange on a … Continue reading

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Our Gang – October 14, 1978

Toronto, Ontario, Canada In 1978, we lived in St. Catharines, Ontario. On a whim, we went to Toronto and stayed at the King Edward Hotel for the weekend. We went to a play: The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca – … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Dream: Mixed Messages

Memory (Snow) Bank Before I moved to England in 1985, I had a dream which seemed significant at the time. The one image that recurred in last night’s dream involved my assisting a woman who’s car was stuck in snow. … Continue reading

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