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The Wellspring*: Chalk and Cheese

October 11, 2021: *New Channelling (XVII) As different as ‘chalk and cheese’ is a term often used to describe people who are totally unalike and often abrasive with one another, yet in their own way are necessary for what they … Continue reading

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From the Queen’s Press Secretary to a Media Scapegoat

Michael Shea (May 10, 1938 – October 17, 2009) “The Crown” shows this man as the reason the Sunday Times had a story about how Queen Elizabeth II felt about her Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. We may never know what … Continue reading

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What Good is a Deviant Mind?

Thinking Outside the Box. I’m not sure why I need to write this post. Perhaps I feel that people are too hemmed in by social norms, or, more likely, legal constraints. And not for one moment am I suggesting that … Continue reading

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The Media are the Messengers

Are They Shaping Opinion or Mirroring our Biases? Let’s face the facts: money makes the world go round; sometimes in circles. Those with money want to be in control of everyone else. The rest of us just want to have … Continue reading

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Account Reconciliation as a Symbol

Creating Harmony It came up as a dream sequence last night. In my role as bookkeeper, I was attempting to reconcile the differences between an accounting system bank balance and the bank statement. It’s something that I did thousands of … Continue reading

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Rise Up! Rise Up!

Revolution I think it’s the most natural of instincts. Anarchy is the enemy of Government. People want to be free, to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it. Those in control want to maintain the right (‘Maintiens … Continue reading

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In Canada, We Agree to Disagree

We Like to be Different Because Canada and the United States have the longest unprotected border (stretching 4,000 miles from sea-to-shining-sea), Canadians feel they must protect their ‘identity’ by providing an alternative to the American way of life. We feel … Continue reading

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Have you ever looked, really looked, at the mathematical symbol for ‘divide‘? Taken from above, it appears to be of the heads of two people with an obstacle between them. Wow! I was recently witness to an exchange on a … Continue reading

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