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Did Livia Poison Augustus or Just Assist His Dying?

Livia Drusilla (January 30, 58 BCE – September 28, 29 AD) It’s one of those dirty little secrets that gets whispered around the corridors of power in Rome and caused a bit of dissension between a mother and her son, … Continue reading

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From the Queen’s Press Secretary to a Media Scapegoat

Michael Shea (May 10, 1938 – October 17, 2009) “The Crown” shows this man as the reason the Sunday Times had a story about how Queen Elizabeth II felt about her Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. We may never know what … Continue reading

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¡Larga vida a la revolución! ¡Viva el revolucionario!

Che Guevara (May 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967) Trust astrologers to get to the bottom of a scandal: Che’s mother was pregnant when she got married to his father, so to cover-up the scandal, her doctor post-dated his birth … Continue reading

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Yes, It is Lonely at the Top

The Two Popes (2019) Pope Benedict: I cannot feel the presence of God. I do not hear His voice, do you understand me? My sister, Anne, recommended that I watch this film. Being PKs, we know only too well that … Continue reading

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I Knew There Must Have Been More to This…

Scandal (1989) At the time of the Profumo Affair, as it is known, the idea that a ‘call girl’ could be sleeping with a government minister under Harold Macmillan and associating with a Soviet consular official at the same time … Continue reading

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Opening the “Gate” on Political Scandals

Watergate There’s a lot of it about: no, not scandals; ‘gate’ used as a shorthand for political scandal. The most recent example is “Obamagate”, touted by Trump in this election year as the greatest scandal of all time. Really? I … Continue reading

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Was It a Tragic Accident or a Murder?

Natalie Wood This November 1981 mystery has yet another turn of the wheel with Dr. Oz interviewing the captain of Robert Wagner’s boat. Dennis Davern overheard the argument between Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood on the night she died. The … Continue reading

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We’re Not Very “Smart”, Are We?

It’s New: It Must Be Good… “Smart” anything is a warning label. Big Brother has found a way to control your environment, and ultimately you, too. Just ask David Icke… The real reason for Smart Meters is hidden behind bullshit … Continue reading

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Compromised: Canada’s Tainted Blood

Unspeakable (CBC) It might seem a strange title, but the horror of having your son, already suffering from haemophilia, suddenly contract AIDS and begin to die is exactly that: unspeakable. The TV drama sets out to explain how it all … Continue reading

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Would You Like That In Cash?

Money-Laundering I’m going to blame my dreams again for this one. All last night, I had a dream about a tax avoidance/tax delay scheme which involves buying a bank draft for $10,000 before the end of the year and waiting … Continue reading

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