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Is It #timesup for the #metoo Movement?

Jacob Hoggard (July 9, 1984) I’m beginning to think that taking high profile men to court for sexual misbehaviour is becoming pass√©. Men have always been sexual predators, just ask the cavewoman who got knocked on the head with a … Continue reading

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On Your Way to the Top, Watch Out What You Do…

Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) Or they’ll get you on the way down This Netflix series is a slow burn that gets hotter and hotter as it progresses. (They say that it is even outscoring viewing numbers of Bridgerton 2, … Continue reading

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Producer’s Couch Casts a Long Shadow

Harvey Weinstein The “casting couch” has been a ‘fact’ of Hollywood life for so long that it even became an apocryphal joke from the set of “The Ten Commandments”. Charlton Heston, in his autobiography¬†In The Arena, wrote that the orgy … Continue reading

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Innocent Gesture or Sexual Grooming?

Shoulder Rub I suspect it all comes down to intent. In my last position as a supervisor, I offered a shoulder rub to a female employee, while she sat at her desk, working hard at entering information into her computer. … Continue reading

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Woody Allen: Time’s Up?

Dylan Farrow This ‘story’ has been around for a long time now. When a child tries to explain something that happened to him or her, there is an almost automatic judgement made that it’s just imagination on the child’s part. … Continue reading

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