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Stars with Canadian Roots

Some of the stars pictured above will be quite familiar to you. Some might not. The point of this exercise is to show the world that a lot of American talent is actually from Canada. For a small listing of … Continue reading

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Father (in) Time has Wrinkles

A Wrinkle in Time According to everyone who read this 1962 bestselling book, this is one of the world’s best. I wouldn’t know, never having been privileged enough to read it. But I saw the movie today with my granddaughter, … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory: the Butterfly Effect

Can One Small Act Lead to Change? We like to think so, but the concept is counter-intuitive at best. After all, one person cannot effect change in the greater world, can they? The idea of the Butterfly Effect has taken … Continue reading

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Media: Are YOU Getting the Point Yet?

The Medium IS the Message Marshall McLuhan was way ahead of the pack. He saw in the 60’s that control of the media equates to control of our minds. In those days, that meant movies, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. … Continue reading

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1978: a Pivotal Year

Current Events that Influenced My Work 1978 was full of interesting things happening, almost every day of the year. It’s no surprise to me that some of those ‘things’ should creep into my screenplay My Satanic Struggle (MSS). For example, … Continue reading

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Matching Actors to Characters

Adapting a Screenplay to a Gothic Novel There is a process that calls for imagination. It’s called writing. All writers ‘see’ their characters in terms of specific individuals. What happens when someone else wants to visualize what you are imagining? … Continue reading

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Now and Then: Imperial Theatre, Barrie

This is what it looks like now. The original Imperial Theatre is now the Grand Theatre, three doors down. The way we were…mid-2011. Imperial 8 in 2008. The Grand Theatre, on the inside. Barrie Film Festival is shown here. I … Continue reading

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