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The Legend of the Fox

Zorro (August 9, 1919) Okay, I know this is a bit of a stretch, so bear with me. The image, above, is the cover of the very first story about Zorro and his escapades in “Old California”. In effect, his … Continue reading

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A Bachelorette Show from the Last Century

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Due to the snowfall last evening, our cable TV feed was intermittent, so we decided to watch a DVD from our extensive video library. It was Susan’s suggestion to watch this one. I’d seen … Continue reading

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The Man Behind the Villains We Love to Hate

Alan Rickman (February 21, 1946 – January 14, 2016) There is no direct route of my thinking that brought me to this post. While reading Hello From Heaven, I thought back to the film “Truly, Madly, Deeply” from 1990. In … Continue reading

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Inside Out: Playing Langley at Its Own…

Spy Game (2001) Another Netflix gem, this time starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. The movie is a flashback memory of the recruitment and running of “Boy Scout” from the Vietnam War (1975), to East Germany, and then finally to … Continue reading

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Replicant in Search of a Soul

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Geez, I thought the original Blade Runner was dark. This sequel is darker, still. Rick Deckard has vanished. The notorious Blade Runner has been missing since 2019 when he and Rachael escaped from the authorities, and … Continue reading

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Hollywood North: Vancouver, British Columbia

Bird on a Wire (1990) It’s an improbable story, and full of violent encounters, but I still love this film. Why? It’s the British Columbia scenery: a reminder of my years of living there. The three main cities shown in … Continue reading

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Is Keanu Reeves Still the One?

The Matrix (4) It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than two decades since we were introduced to Thomas Anderson (Neo). The first Matrix film broke through our self-imposed blindness to the truth that the world as we know … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia: Exit Stage Left

It’s not often a movie kills off its hero within the first 3 minutes and 20 seconds. But, I suppose, David Lean couldn’t have done anything less than that, since most people knew T.E. Lawrence by his heroics in the … Continue reading

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One Man, Multiple Masks

Peter O’Toole (Aug 2, 1932 – Dec 14, 2013) When I was looking for proof of T.E. Lawrence’s birth time, I happened upon Peter O’Toole‘s birth chart. That ‘accident’ is the prompt for today’s post. Lawrence of Arabia was the … Continue reading

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Following the Script of a Pandemic Movie

Contagion (2011) This movie has an eerie prescience. (And the tag line makes the point clearly.) I cannot remember any other movie I’ve seen where images similar to it are being played out in televised segments on the nightly news. … Continue reading

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