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Spiritual Warriors Aren’t Always Peaceful Ones

Infinite (2021) We watched this movie on Amazon Prime last night. Susan suggested it since it’s about reincarnation. There are a couple of ‘official’ trailers on YouTube, so you might want to look at them, too, before you make up … Continue reading

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This is the Last Time: Hopefully, I’m Finally Right

Beth Leone (April 29, 1968) Here’s a very young-looking Beth. She has been active in spiritual activities since 1988, or so. That would make her birth year to be (perhaps) 1968. She has maintained her youthful appearance. This chart has … Continue reading

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She Really is a Sister of the Moon

Elizabeth Seraphine This is an update of my original post of the former Elizabeth Wilcock, I saw a post on Facebook from Elizabeth Seraphine (as she now calls herself) which expressed her sadness of finding herself alone again, after a … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Time to Act (or Not)

Two of Swords I have previously discussed the Tarot card that followed the first two drawn, here. Strangely enough, I was now faced with a financial dilemma in the late 1980’s: how can I succeed when my path isn’t clear? … Continue reading

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I Wand-ered Lonely as a Cloud

Four of Wands This was the first card turned over in my impromptu reading from Susan’s cousin. I have puzzled over this for almost two months. How does this apply to my life, now? Hmm. More information required. No. I … Continue reading

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The Day the World Changed for Me, Personally:

May 6, 1987 The day was the one when I had a medium read for me. I had previously looked at this reading as one that was a connection for my mother, but I missed the message for me about … Continue reading

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Just Unlucky or Cosmic Design?

Knights Templar Rounded Up (Friday, October 13, 1307) When we think of the Knights Templar, we get an image of a Crusader Knight. That equal-armed cross on his tunic is probably why. But were they much more than that? Yes. … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Helena Blavatsky (July 31, 1831 [OS] – May 8, 1891) Baby, do you understand me nowSometimes I feel a little madBut don’t you know that no one aliveCan always be an angelWhen things go wrong I seem to be badBut … Continue reading

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Spiritual Discretion or a Darker Intention?

Elizabeth Wilcock (April 29, 1979?) I’m usually very good with research when it comes to finding out someone’s birth details. In fact, if there is any record of a public figure’s birth, it is normally a simple matter of looking … Continue reading

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My First Hint of a Spiritual Warrior Heritage (November 1959)

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