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The Day the World Changed for Me, Personally:

May 6, 1987 The day was the one when I had a medium read for me. I had previously looked at this reading as one that was a connection for my mother, but I missed the message for me about … Continue reading

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Was This Man the Original Hermit Playwright?

George Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856 – November 2, 1950) From my own perspective, I find people in general fascinating, but irritating beyond measure individually. The same could be said of Bernard Shaw, as he preferred to be called. Evidently, … Continue reading

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And All the Sons of God Shouted for Joy?

The Draconic Chart I finally have to admit that I cannot proceed any further, with my present line of enquiries, until I fully understand how the Draconic chart works. And as always, I have to start with myself, first. So, … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History V

WHO Declares Pandemic (March 11, 2020) This has been the longest two years of mt life. In terms of history, the situation is still current. Here’s the chart for the exact moment that Time Magazine published their online article about … Continue reading

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This Man is Canada’s First Lord

Louis Hébert (1575 – January 25, 1627) When I first read the name of Louis Hébert in connection to a proposed loan from Étienne Brûlé, I thought to myself: “Ho, here’s my friend Raymond, from the distant past…” Because we … Continue reading

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Karmic Astrology: More Present Life Directions

North Node in 3rd House, South Node in 9th House While writing about Richard Burton the other day, I realized that the Moon’s Nodes are generational when traveling through the zodiacal signs. Only when they are located in the individual … Continue reading

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An Insight into What You Need to Do in This Life

Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation (1975) This was Kate’s go-to book. In fact, when she first met me, she wanted to write out some passages for me, to help me understand my purpose in this lifetime. It changed … Continue reading

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