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And All the Sons of God Shouted for Joy?

The Draconic Chart I finally have to admit that I cannot proceed any further, with my present line of enquiries, until I fully understand how the Draconic chart works. And as always, I have to start with myself, first. So, … Continue reading

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You Really Cannot Make This Stuff Up, or Can You?

Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs This book is the first one of a series written by Ralph Ellis. I have not read the rest. But I feel that I have skirted the central premise of this work, mainly due to … Continue reading

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Helsinki Summit: No Punch & Judy Show

What Did You Expect, Really? Trump and Putin have met before in private, at least twice, to my recollection. And each time, no one else (except interpreters, I presume) were in attendance and we have been none the wiser about … Continue reading

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Yo! Brother…

What do יהוה and ΙΑΩ have in common? The sound that you make when you say them. Who says they’re not connected? יהוה My ear has always been attuned to puns. I hear them everywhere. Why this should be, I … Continue reading

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