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Choosing the Right Time to Act (or Not)

Two of Swords I have previously discussed the Tarot card that followed the first two drawn, here. Strangely enough, I was now faced with a financial dilemma in the late 1980’s: how can I succeed when my path isn’t clear? … Continue reading

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I Wand-ered Lonely as a Cloud

Four of Wands This was the first card turned over in my impromptu reading from Susan’s cousin. I have puzzled over this for almost two months. How does this apply to my life, now? Hmm. More information required. No. I … Continue reading

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How Many “Exit Points” Do We Have?

Five, According to Sylvia Browne I remember reading about this years ago: Sylvia Browne says we all have five exit points in our life. Sylvia likes to be precise like that. I believe the number of exit points we plan … Continue reading

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And All the Sons of God Shouted for Joy?

The Draconic Chart I finally have to admit that I cannot proceed any further, with my present line of enquiries, until I fully understand how the Draconic chart works. And as always, I have to start with myself, first. So, … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: A Point of Time

September 3, 2012: *Interim Channelling The Point of Time needed to bring all things into being is when you are ready for it. There is no point rushing anything which is not ready. All things come to those who wait. … Continue reading

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Checking This Pilgrim’s Progress: a Wheat or a Tare*?

The Harvest David Wilcock is back on track, folks. He’s re-focused on the omnipresent Harvest of souls. Which means, for me, that the world is right again, and we’re on schedule for our Ascension. They say one picture is worth … Continue reading

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Song Lyrics as ‘The Journey’ (Jungian Psychology)

Bruce Miller: Fairy Tales On The Highway (1975) As you may have surmised by now, I am in the middle of reading “Ego and Archetype” by Edward F. Edinger. I already knew a great deal about the subject matter, having … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Version of a Walk-in

Source Code (2011) This is Groundhog Day meets Back to the Future. And the soldier being sent into a domestic (terrorist) battlefield is being kept alive after losing most of his body in war. It is also a metaphor for … Continue reading

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