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And All the Sons of God Shouted for Joy?

The Draconic Chart I finally have to admit that I cannot proceed any further, with my present line of enquiries, until I fully understand how the Draconic chart works. And as always, I have to start with myself, first. So, … Continue reading

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When the Morning Stars Sang Together (Job 38:7)

Creation During a face time conversation with Rosanna, I happened to mention this fragment from Job 38. I knew Edgar Cayce had spoken of it, as well, so I went looking for the proof, this morning. Tetragrammaton (‘four-letter word’) is … Continue reading

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And Here is My Favourite Non-Fiction Author…

Bob Frissell (December 31, 1943) I’m a great believer in trying the spirit. One of the ways I do that is by drawing up a person’s horoscope. But, sometimes, the published details are sketchy. Such is the case with this … Continue reading

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Is the Social Experiment of Planet Earth Coming to an End?

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971) This post has been prompted by an article about the real life experiment that inspired this story. The parallels between rats and human society is uncanny. But it also hints at what … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Our Creator is a Goddess?

Divine Sophia (Wisdom) It has always seemed strange to me that the idea of a female creator is something that most modern thinkers would reject. I’ve written about Sophia before, especially with reference to Gnostic myths, so the thinking on … Continue reading

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How an Ancient Egyptian Symbol Became a Christian Icon

The Phoenix Rising from Its Ashes It gives us a clue as to the reality of the Risen Christ. The phoenix is a legend of mythic proportions. Does that make it ‘fake’ news? No. But it does put us back … Continue reading

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Gnostic: Our Mother-Father God in Heaven

Barbelo I have hinted at this name before. And the images that are presented on the internet seem to be ‘fearsome’. The idea of a masculine female principle is contradictory until you understand androgyny. Remember The Star of Bethlehem? Here’s … Continue reading

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In the Beginning…

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything I’m reading three books at the moment. As usually happens, I’ve come across a series of things that could be considered synchronicity. The A-Field Effect in the Cosmos As we … Continue reading

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How Humanity Came to Be

Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly how things are. I can’t believe that I haven’t quoted from this book before. I found it in the late 1990’s and aside from its jokey title, there is nothing funny … Continue reading

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